About Kurt

Kurt started playing golf at the age of 10. He has been involved with competitive golf for 6 years and became a professional golfer in 2012.

With a growing passion to teach others the game of golf, he began giving lessons in 2013. He has taught students of all skill levels ranging in age from 3 years old and up. He has also worked with handicapped individuals. Kurt is able to tailor his lesson plan to meet individual goals and needs.

Teaching Philosophy

“I believe every swing is perfectly unique, making it possible to identify a person by their swing even from across the driving range." 

"My approach is to bring out the full potential of your individual swing through guidance, visual feedback, and video analysis. Any swing can be effective with the proper knowledge of set up, balance, swing path, ball contact, and a little bit of "luck." 

"I work with all levels and abilities with an ultimate goal of achieving consistent results to help improve your game and enjoyment of golf.”

Private Lessons
1 hr Lesson: $50. First lesson only: $40

Kurt Kueffler, Swing Coach

Offering Private Golf Instruction at Indigo Lakes Golf Club.

Lessons $50 per hour. First lesson $40.

Port Orange and Daytona area.

Year-round lessons on driving range with live course play at student's request.

CALL (406) 546-5340